The goal of the Foundation is to increase the permanent endowment to $1 million. Already earnings have enabled the Foundation to fund college scholarships and to make grants to local charities serving Lakewood’s greatest needs. The following grants have been made that directly serve Lakewood charities, children and families.

Grants approved for 2019

Greater Lakes Mental Health $ 5,000.00
Nourish Pierce County $ 3,000.00
Centerforce $ 2,000.00
St. Francis Cabrini $ 2,000.00
Operation Homefront $ 1,500.00
EFN $ 2,500.00
Kiwanis (Partners for Parks) $ 5,000.00
Lakewood Baseball $ 3,000.00
Communities in Schools

$ 2,000.00

Total $ 26,000.00


We Made It A Million!

We Did It!


Thanks to over 75 generous donors, the Lakewood Community Foundation Fund (LCFF) Make It a Million fundraising campaign was a big success.  As of April 16, 2019, LCFF has a grand total of $1,005,310.99!  In other words, we did it!


Among the larger group of donors were 17 donors who contributed $1,000 or more.  These gifts were key to reaching LCFF’s million dollar goal because they were matched one-for-one by incredibly generous anonymous donors.


The million dollar mark is a major milestone for LCFF and Lakewood.  It represents a wonderful investment in making Lakewood a great community. 


Each year LCFF accepts grant applications from worthy Lakewood causes and distributes the interest earned on our accounts to community organizations such as the following:


Caring for Kids

Nourish (formerly FISH)

Emergency Food Network

Communities in Schools

Lakewood Baseball Club

Lakewood Parks, Recreation and Community Services

Greater Lakes Mental Health


Lakewood Community Players


Operation Homefront

Partners for Parks

And many more!


In 2018, for example, LCFF granted $43,000 to 14 worthy Lakewood causes and charitable organizations.  The average grant was $3,071. 


LCFF wants to thank all those who supported the Make It a Million campaign and who have supported the Lakewood Community Foundation Fund over the years.  We could not have reached this goal without the generous support of so many.  Together, we are helping to make Lakewood a stronger and better community.


Now: on to $2 million!


Fourth Quarter Financials for 2017 Posted

Beginning Assets, End of 3rd Quarter: $ 907,199.92
4th Quarter Contributions: $ 17,390.00
Interest: $ 7,137.54
Realized Gains: $ 8,315.87
Unrealized Gains: $ 19,563.95
Fees: ($ 384.95)
GTCF Fees: ($ 2,143.62)
Bank Fees, other fees: ($ 186.18)
Ending Assets, thru 1st Quarter, 2018: $ 956,902.54

Grant Applications for 2018 Now Being Accepted: Deadline April 6

Grant applications now being accepted. Please go to FAQ for access to the form. Addresses for submission are at the bottom of the page.




Financial Information for the Third Quarter 2017

Current assets of all funds:

3rd quarter expenses and fees: 

3rd quarter interest and dividends:

Realized gains:

Unrealized gains: