2020 Grant Awards Announced


Help! in a Hurry

The Beatles sang in 1965, “Help me get my feet back on the ground/Won't you please, please help me!” It is 2020, and members of our Lakewood community need our help, now.

And so the LCFF Board of Directors held a special meeting on April 14, through a "Zoom" network connection to consider the critical needs of Lakewood and decide on the merits of applicants for annual grants. Consensus quickly emerged that special consideration was warranted to support direct service providers serving Lakewood in a year when all are seriously challenged to sustain operations - making do with less. 

Recognizing unusual outreach burdens ahead, LCFF decided to equally divide its entire 2020 grant allocation among four important organizations serving Lakewood.


Emergency Food Network, Greater Lakes Mental Health, Nourish Pierce County and Caring For Kids, will each receive one quarter of the nearly $30,000 grant distribution available this year. 


Wishing everyone well, with hopes that we all overcome the unusual circumstances that 2020 presents, Lakewood Community Foundation Fund remains open to receive contributions and bequests to grow its permanent endowment. Understanding that a calamity like COVID-19 may happen again, we believe in our capacity to help, depending upon the foresight and generosity of people today, willing to leave the legacy that lights tomorrow. So, it is to everyone willing to be the one you've been waiting for, to make a difference, we say Thank You for being part of Lakewood. Together, we make a difference. 

 The Lakewood Community Foundation Fund Board of Directors

Nicole Hancock, Tom Sadler, Greg Rediske, Anne Enquist, Bob Lawrence, Bob Warfield, Sydna Koontz, Joyce Loveday, Peggy Kennel, Jerry Dunlap.

Lakewood Community Foundation Fund, a public charity, operates as a Donor Advised fund of The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation. All gifts and contributions are tax exempt under the law. P.O. Box 39578  Lakewood, WA  98496